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Omni Frisco Hotel: Mixing Lighting Styles

Posted by Carolina Costa on

Thirty miles directly north from Dallas, Frisco ranks first on Time’s 2018 Best Places to Live list. A young vibrant city, it is rich with good schools and highly-educated residents who are driving new ventures and adventures. Central to their excitement is The Star. Overlooking The Star is the Omni Frisco Hotel, a stunning glass tower boasting 300 luxury guest rooms and suites, sophisticated dining, a pool deck and bar overlooking the Tostitos Championship Plaza, and 24,000 square feet of meeting and event space.

Omni’s Vision statement: “Proudly opening doors to the true spirit of a destination.”

The Omni chain does not design or open cookie cutter hotels. Each is original in look and feel, and they do a great job of designing exteriors and interiors to fit the spirit and vibe of the destination.
A tour of the 16-story Omni Frisco takes you through its contemporary appointments, furniture, and décor.
From the front door you instantly see that the lighting is truly "lighting the way" and mimicking the flow through each area. Carrying you through the lobby under brass soft LED glow. Down the escalator with a large custom wall feature creating shadow play. And, into the ballroom under sparkling organic mesh panels.

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