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Brass is the new black!

Posted by Carolina Costa on

Huffington Post says it’s time to replace stainless steel and polished nickel and return to brass fixtures and accents. “Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents.” Domino says, “Brass is everywhere right now—from ultra-high-end designs… to highly accessible stores.” They also mention how great brass looks with brass and marble. And, Vox predicts you’ll see Navy with brass accents in the coming year’s kitchens. “Why you’re seeing it everywhere!” This is the result of two converging patterns. People have tired of the all-white interiors necessary to market the depressed real estate in the Recession. At the same time, Minimalism dominated design. “But, as the economy recovered, so did homeowners’ appetite for bold color and pizzazz.”

Among the choices in home and commercial design was a palette of grays and black. Open commercial spaces and residential dining rooms were walled in black marble or lacquered surfaces. Black marble floors greeted hotel arrivals, and homes installed black cabinetry, counters, and appliances


Perhaps because it proved a workable accent to black, brass fixtures and hardware began to appear. Metallics made a comeback, and brass has the advantage of its gold-like appearance. Dramatic examples can be found at the brand-new Willows Hotel & Spa at the Viejas Casino & Hotel Resort near San Diego.

The Willows Spa features lighting installations that emphasize its “fire and ice” theme. The world-class spa offers luxurious treatments in steam, sauna, fitness, whirlpool, and its salt pool. Viejas includes 159 luxury suites, private pool and bar, striking exterior landscaping, signature dining venues, and extensive remodeling and expansion of its gaming casino.
- An extraordinary web of cubes in geometric brass outlines dance above the lobby. Intertwined in a contemporary sculpture, they reflect the lights shining from above.
- At the top and foot of escalators, brass bands hang by almost invisible threads to share their LED lighting from the inside of these large diameter halos.
- A pendant with a bit of retro-industrial style has clear glass teardrops dripping asymmetrically on brass cables and glowing with light from unseen sources.
- And, again multi-colored Murano glass beads in strands from a brass circle. While the only light comes from light in that bass, it reflects and refracts from the intriguing glass.

These are just a few of the Viejas Casino & Hotel Resort’s extraordinary artistically engineered lighting touches, interplays of form and function, light, glass, and brass.

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